Lean shelf assembly can be divided into a few steps?
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  Lean shelf assembly can be divided into a few steps?
Lean tube is made of high quality steel pipe after surface treatment, special plastic surface using thermoplastic adhesive layer, a mix of cladding coating on the inner surface. And lean pipe rack is composed of flexible pipe and fittings. Products are widely used in household appliances, automobile, light industry, electronic industry such as factories.
Lean pipe rack structure is flexible, so it's assembly is relatively simple, concrete can be divided into the following:
Shelves before installation, customization, must have been very detailed surveying and planning, that for the problem of space, the user must have already done the psychological. So when installation, must and users to communicate more, to maximize do service for users.
2. The exhibition stand hole type, hole plate on the back of the there is a hole is used for orifice plate connected to the orifice plate, exhibition stand after the installation is complete, simply use frames ration of screw, nut, connect the two pieces of orifice plate from the back, to be sure that the flat panel, put the bearing quality products.
(3) : light box type exhibition stand inside the tubes are generally mounted on a pillar of, so that you can avoid sending, not affected by extrusion is damaged, when installation, just put the one-piece tubes are taken from the column, card directly into the light box card slot plug in. Because rationing is energy-saving lamp tube, so just open not particularly bright, but in a few minutes
4: here under the special said: stud connectors, past some guests will install fittings for the first time on the socket head screw spiral out from outside to fixed the post again, the installation is wrong, our design is based on client installation is convenient, the principle of screw on fitting do not need to spin out, just insert it into the column in the half of the position with the Allen wrench to tighten, insert the pillar tighten again can, the position of the screw is on the pillar of the slots. Note that screw must spin in place, so install panel, panel hook won't encounter screws and make the panel can't insert groove in the post.

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