What is the difference between the lean production line and assembly line?
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Said to the assembly line, a lot of people think that the workshop assembly line, but when it comes to lean production line, the vast majority of people may not be the concept, the "lean" exactly is what? What is the difference between the lean production line and assembly line?

A, what is the line
Also known as assembly line, refers to each production unit only focus on a certain segment of work, in order to improve the work efficiency and production; According to the pipeline transportation mode can be divided into: belt assembly line, chain plate line, times the speed chain, plug-in line, mesh belt line, hanging line and drum line these seven kinds of assembly line.


Assembly line

 Second, what is lean production line
The "production line" in the lean production line including line 7 big form, also including u-shaped line, L line, s-shaped line, etc. Lean production line is used to eliminate waste and continuous process ─ ─ rather than batch and waiting ─ ─ a mode of production.

                                                                                  Lean production line

  The difference between three, lean production line and assembly line
Lean production is large and medium-sized manufacturing firms are now a mainstream demand line body improvement method, lean production line is designed to help enterprises to eliminate waste, authors efficiency. Assembly line is one of the more traditional lines, and more lean lean production, efficiency, from per capita efficiency, capacity and so on have very big promotion, more suited to the needs of the market many varieties of small batch, will be more and more accepted by the market.
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