Part of the bar table have?
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As now bar table used in each big industry more and more widely, in part of the bar table have a certain understanding, but also have some not understand, today jiangsu will come loose cheese and everyone tells a offline basic component of the workbench.

A, the overall framework: refers to constitute the body of the bar table, like a person's bones, it is the most basic bar table is also an indispensable part of most. Bar table overall framework by 28 mm outside diameter standard flexible bar + bar connecting piece form (flexible wire rods have a beige, white, black and other color, line and black bars are silver chrome plated metal connector joint electrophoresis (joint), is a combined workbench, each of these components are reusable, easy to continue.

Leg: use the adjustable feet or castor (plate type caster, expansion type casters).

Three, table-board: composite panels, fire prevention board, ESD anti-static plate, multi-layered plywood, stainless steel plate, hollow board...

Four, lighting system: including the lighting tubes, independent switch, strip, wire, etc.

Five, the logistics system: refers to by a variety of transportation equipment, such as conveyor belt, slippery course, rotary table and manipulator, finish of workpiece, cutting tool and so on supply and distribution system, it is a major part of the bar table.

Sixth, other parts: including the drawer, electric group of chute, process instruction, alarm lamp, etc.


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