Why do companies or factories should use lean tube workbench?
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As we all know, in some enterprise or factory, you will see the lean pipe workbench, so why lean trestle is the tool of enterprise or factory production activities necessary? Here are six reasons:

Reason a workbench, lean tube desktop through special processing, have anticorrosive, and strong impact resistance characteristics, the choice of a variety of desktop, can be used with different requirements.

Reason two, lean trestle is helpful for enterprises to establish incentive mechanism, improve labor productivity.

Reason 3, lean trestle table can match lighting rack, hanger, shelf, square hole hangs Taiwan, shutter hangs Taiwan, power outlet, article hang electrical box, parts box, etc., meet the needs of different users.


Reason four, lean tube of table setting and debugging time is short. Typical lean line adopts manual transmission products, production lines do not need to debug.

Reason six, lean trestle equipment investment is small. Because lean tube under the mode of operation is given priority to with manual work, using small devices, venue move easily, and try not to use the conveyor belt, equipment investment is generally small.



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